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How can I edit my local hosts file to redirect URLs

This technique can be useful for many purposes, including: Develop a serious WordPress site locally, but work with all the correct URLs for the end production domain. Test a serious WordPress site on a development server using the correct domain settings, but without the need to resolve DNS publicly. Especially useful when redeveloping an existing […]

All in One WP Migration Tutorial: How to Migrate WordPress Websites Using AIOWP

Introduction  In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to use the excellent AIOWP Migration Plugin to migrate your sites from your old hosting to vCanopy. WordPress provides a variety of different plugin tools to help you migrate your sites from one host to another. Often a host, especially shared hosting, won’t provide you […]

Migrate Guru Tutorial: How to Migrate WordPress Websites for Free

WordPress provides a variety of different plugin tools to help you migrate your sites from one host to another. Migrate Guru can be a very easy option and fast.  During this article, we will be referring to the site you wish to migrate as the origin site and the site or server being migrated into as your destination […]

Manually Migrating a Website to vCanopy

Introduction If you’re having difficulty migrating your website using a plugin, then a manual migration can be a quick and reliable way to migrate a website to vCanopy. This is the long-winded, manually download and then upload over SFTP method. It’s far less efficient than using rsync or scp, but it will get the job done if you’re […]

Disabling Wordfence completely before migrating

Wordfence is a great security plugin, but it’s also been known to prevent migrations from completing successfully. If you have Wordfence activated on the website that your migrating over to vCanopy, we recommend that you disable it before making your export to ensure it doesn’t interfere. Additionally, Wordfence often adds a hardcoded path to the .user.ini and wordfence-waf.php […]

Diagnosing Migration Issues

This article details some of the reasons why migrations sometimes don’t go smoothly. If you’ve had issues migrating a site over, this should serve as a good guide to begin diagnosing the issue. Known issues we’ve seen include: Force SSL Plugin / Forced HTTPS Wordfence Migrating from Kinsta Migrating from Flywheel PHP Short Open Tag […]