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Sites are Down! Part 1: Here’s What Everyone Needs to Know

Introduction If your websites have been running smoothly for more than a few days, the chances of them running into a serious issue or “going down” is incredibly rare. However, a few key pieces of information can be incredibly empowering for if things do ever go wrong If you’re using best practices and you use your […]

Sites are Down! Part 2: Practical Troubleshooting

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Quick First Checks Services are down (MySQL, PHP, Nginx, OLS) Checking the Logs Critical Errors / 500 Errors Check top / htop for Load and CPU Steal MySQL/Database Checks Freeing Up Disk Space Server is Overloaded You’ve Been Hacked Introduction In part 1 of this article we took a broad look […]

Mitigating DoS and DDoS Attacks On Your WordPress Websites

Introduction DoS and DDoS attacks are rare in the grand scheme of things. There are a lot of sites on the platform, and we have a great suite of security tools, so many likely go unnoticed, or at least never come to our attention on support. Occasionally they do though, and this guide details how […]