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Diagnosing 504 Timeouts and Performance Issues

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction What Causes a 504 Error? 1. Check Monit 2. Check top and htop 3. Check MySQL 4. Check Your Website Database 5. Check Your Website Debug/Error Logs 6. Check Your Website PHP Settings 7. Check Your Access Logs (Are you under attack?) 8. Has Your Site Been Compromised? Further Troubleshooting Steps if CPU […]

Diagnosing 502 Errors

TABLE OF CONTENTS  About 502 Errors Common Causes Step 1. Check PHP via Monit Step 2. Check your DNS and Cloudflare Step 3. Check your Nginx Error Log Step 4. Enable PHP Slow Logging Step 5. Check CPU Usage (if applicable) Step 6. Your Websites Database Tables are Locked Next Steps IMPORTANT If PHP and […]

Diagnosing 403 Forbidden Errors

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: What is a 403 Error? Firewall Rules 403 on an Image or File Caching and Nonces File Permissions CDN Issues Corrupt/Misconfigured .htaccess file Broken/Missing Plugins Custom Nginx Config Rules Introduction: What is a 403 Forbidden Error? The 403 Forbidden error occurs when a request is made the server cannot allow. This […]

Diagnosing HTTP 500 / Internal Server Errors

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Quick Checks PHP Service Checks Codebase Checks: PHP and WordPress OpenLiteSpeed Specific Checks Database Checks Introduction 500 errors can be caused by a variety of different factors, but by far the most common reason is errors within the codebase of your website. There’s usually either a fatal error due to a […]

Diagnosing 503 Errors

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Check the Error Logs Disable Your CDN (if applicable) Rate Limiting Website Codebase Errors OpenLiteSpeed and 503 Errors Introduction 503 Service Unavailable errors are pretty rare on vCanopy. There are multiple different possible causes, but by far the most common is our inbuilt rate-limiting affecting a plugin that’s running a task. […]

Diagnosing 520 Errors

Third-Party Software Notice Our support team cannot provide support for third-party software and services. However, if you need assistance or spot an issue with this article please post in the vCanopy Community Forum, and we will make necessary updates/improvements where needed. Introduction  520 errors are CDN-specific, not web server-specific, and are a catch-all error. With […]