Self Help Tools: Force Update a GridPane Site

First visit the Tools section in by clicking the link in the main menu:  You will see the quick fix panel at the top of the main window: Select Quick Fixes Select the appropriate server Select the appropriate site (or staging site) Select Force Update a Site Click Start Task GridPane will perform a series of checks, […]

Using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) with GridPane.

Your servers using the GridPane stack are highly secure, but you also need to protect your GridPane account. Maintaining proper password etiquette is always highly advised, however, we can strengthen our security even more if we employ what is known as 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA. Put simply, 2FA is an extra layer of protection over our […]

How to change your GridPane Account Password?

Sometimes you might need to change your GridPane Account Password for security reasons. The process is a simple 3 step process. Step 1. Go to Your GridPane Settings Login to your GridPane account and click the Your Settings menu item in the dropdown menu accessible by clicking on your username and icon.  Step 2. Navigate to […]

Using GridPane Teams

GridPane allows you to create teams to help you manage the websites that you host, and/or give your clients access to manage their own websites. In this article we’ll go over the three different types of team members that are available, how to create a team, and then how to add new team members and […]

How to set up Slack Notifications

We highly recommend that you enable these notifications for your account, and this article will get you up and running with our Slack notifications.  Enabling Slack will, by default, send you alerts created by our Monit monitoring and resolution system (you can check out Monit by clicking the green pie chart icon next to your […]

New WordPress Website Build Configuration Settings

GridPane simplifies the process of deploying new WordPress sites in a much more secure manner than the traditional WordPress 5 Minute Installation.  GridPane gives you the ability to set the default configuration settings for new WordPress builds, and this includes things like your preferred caching options, WAF options, whether or not to activate the SendGrid […]