Display WordPress wp-config.php from within GridPane.

To quickly view the contents of any of your GridPane site’s wp-config.php file follow the following steps. Step 1.  Go to the Sites Section of the GridPane Control Panel Click on the sites link in the GridPane main menu to see all your active GridPane WordPress sites. Step 2. Open the Site Customization Panel for your Active […]

Working with the wp-config.php on GridPane and an introduction to user-configs.php

Introduction  Working with wp-config.php on GridPane A quick intro to user-configs.php Editing user-configs.php Migrating to GridPane and the wp-config.php file Cloning, Failover, and wp-config.php If you have a website that requires you to add custom code snippets to the wp-config.php file, on GridPane these changes won’t persist when you migrate your website to a new server or […]

The wp-config.php Location at GridPane

To keep your WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php) secure, at GridPane it’s stored one level above your websites /htdocs folder.  Your wp-config.php file contains your database username and password along with other information about your website. We keep it hidden and protected. You can find it on your server here (site.url = your websites domain name): /var/www/site.url/ […]