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Connect a desktop MySQL client with a database by SSH as root

With vCanopy you can choose to use the MySQL Database management tool of your  choice to work with your vCanopy managed WordPress site databases, we provide a PHPMyAdmin integration that allows you to connect to your Database from within your browser, or alternatively you may use one of the many available desktop MySQL management solutions. […]

Connect to your vCanopy Site Database with PHPMyAdmin

You can connect to any site’s database easily from within your browser as the vCanopy control panel has a simple to use integration of PHPMyAdmin.  If you would prefer to use a desktop client to access your DB as root user over SSH, then we have an alternative easy to follow guide here. Step 1. Go […]

MySQL is taking up a LOT of disk space. Why?

If you’re finding that your MySQL is taking up a large amount of disk space on your servers, and you’re not running any particularly large websites, it’s likely that this is due to how InnoDB works. What may be happening is your sites are storing a lot of temporary data inside the database. Each InnoDB table […]

How to optimize databases to reduce bloat

Here at vCanopy, we’ve opted to use InnoDB as the default storage engine for SQL. It’s typically more performant than other storage engines like MyISAM. However, it does have one flaw: As you add data, the InnoDB table file is allocated more space and the file physically grows in size on the server. The InnoDB table […]

Change password of a database user

In the highly unlikely event that you need to change the password of a website’s database, this article will walk you through how to do so. For this, you’ll need to connect to your server – if this is your first time, please see the following articles to get started: Step 1. Generate your SSH Key […]

Adjusting MySQL Monit Memory

vCanopy uses Monit to manage services and restart them if they start misbehaving. We set MySQL to restart if it starts using too much CPU or Memory. Sometimes you might wish to adjust these settings yourself if you think Monit is restarting MySQL too often. This is most likely to be the case if you […]