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Exclude a Custom WP Ultimo Sign-Up URL from the Cache

If you’re using a custom sign up URL for your WP Ultimo website and it doesn’t end in “.php”, then you may need to exclude that page from your websites cache. If you’re using our server caching options, below is a walk through on how to do this, and below is an example of what […]

Why is my WaaS network slow? Table locking and MySQL RAM allocation

WaaS networks are database intensive websites, and this is something many WaaS networks go through as they begin to grow in size and traffic. Sometimes this is because the server simply isn’t big enough for the network anymore, and sometimes it can be solved by increasing the MySQL’s RAM allocation. This article will walk you […]

Using WP Ultimo with vCanopy

WP UItimo is a popular plugin for creating a WaaS (website as a service) website. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to set up your WP Ultimo site on vCanopy, whether it’s brand new or if you’re migrating your website in from another host. We’ve worked closely with the developer of the […]

How to Enable WordPress Multisite on vCanopy

IMPORTANT Once you’ve activated Multisite there is no going back! You cannot deactivate it later. Enabling WordPress Multisite on vCanopy is a quick and painless process. There’s no need to open and edit your wp-config.php file, all you need to do is click a toggle. This article will walk you through how to find it […]

Scaling Your WaaS Network: Advice for WP Ultimo, and Multisite vs Multitenancy

Introduction WaaS networks are a popular revenue channel for more WordPress professionals and agencies. They allow for a relatively hands-off, predictable monthly revenue stream where clients handle most of their own website building using premade templates. For now, WP-Ultimo is really the only plugin available for a multisite WaaS. We have an integration with Ultimo that will […]