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Using vCanopy Bundles

vCanopy Bundles let you preconfigure your vCanopy WordPress site deployments with the Plugins and Themes installed that you most commonly used. You can create many different types of Bundles to suite the different types of projects that you work on. Step 1. Go to Your vCanopy Settings Login to your vCanopy account and click the […]

Using Default WordPress Admin Settings to Deploy vCanopy Sites

When you are managing many servers and sites it can make sense to always provision your sites using the same Admin settings. However, please keep in mind that this can be a security vulnerability if you do not use strong passwords and unique Admin usernames, proceed with caution. TABLE OF CONTENTS Step 1. Go to […]

Using staging sites on vCanopy

MULTISITE Multisite staging isn’t currently available. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction About Staging Sites Staging and Backups Pushing a Website from Staging > Live or Vice Versa Wrapping Up Troubleshooting Tips Introduction vCanopy includes the option to easily create a staging website for your primary website, and/or turn a staging website on or off at any […]

Using vCanopy WP-Admin Single Sign On (SSO)

vCanopy has been set up to make managing your WordPress business as convenient and fast as possible. We aim to provide the most powerful tool to enable you, to that end we have an integrated WP-Admin Single Sign On (SSO) feature that allows you to log directly in to your vCanopy deployed WordPress sites with […]

Change the Site Owner (System User) of a vCanopy Site

Using System Users to deploy sites is the recommended way to deploy WordPress on vCanopy. This provides isolated sandboxes for WordPress and improves security. Additionally, System Users is the method by which SFTP access is granted (we don’t use FTP since it’s not encrypted). At some point it may be required for you to change […]

Easily Deploy a vCanopy WordPress Site

vCanopy simplifies the process of deploying WordPress sites in a much more secure manner than the traditional WordPress 5 Minute Installation. The vCanopy automated WordPress deployment creates your database and installs a fully functioning WordPress site with admin user and password all from within the protected environment of your vCanopy dashboard. TABLE OF CONTENTS Step […]