Verdant TCS

An Introduction to Maldet and ClamAV Malware Scanning

IMPORTANT Maldet and ClamAV installation requires that your server has at least 2GB of RAM. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction Activation: Installing Maldet+ClamAV Change the Daily Scan Time Run a Scan Manually Malware Scanning Server Logs Viewing Your Logs Log Exclusions Automatic Quarantine (Use with Caution!) Report Malware to Maldet Introduction  If you have a Panel or […]

Default vCanopy Security and Additional Options

vCanopy takes care of a significant part of the general security for your websites out of the box. This does not mean your websites are invulnerable, and developing good security practices (and perhaps even helping your own clients implement), is still a requirement when locking down your websites. It is, however, handy to know exactly […]

How to Block Bad Bots from Your Sites/Servers

Introduction Bad bot traffic can be a huge resource hog on your servers, and some are outright malicious. They offer no value to you or your clients, and can sometimes result such high resource usage that it becomes the equivalent of a DoS attack. Fortunately, if you’ve identified a bot (by it’s user agent) that’s […]

An Introduction to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Table of Contents Introduction Same-Origin Policy How does CORS work? CORS HTTP Headers A Simple CORS Policy Example A CORS Policy Example with Preflight Requests Building a Simple CORS Policy Introduction Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policies are HTTP response headers that are used to increase the security of a website. A request for a […]

Mitigating DoS and DDoS Attacks On Your WordPress Websites

Introduction DoS and DDoS attacks are rare in the grand scheme of things. There are a lot of sites on the platform, and we have a great suite of security tools, so many likely go unnoticed, or at least never come to our attention on support. Occasionally they do though, and this guide details how […]