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Do you recommend Vultr’s DDOS protection?

Q&A 1. IS VULTR DDOS PROTECTION WORTH THE MONEY? ($10/MONTH)  We personally don’t recommend Vultr’s DDoS protection. From what we’ve seen, even an incredibly small DDOS attack, by modern Internet standards, would completely overwhelm the level of protection this service offers. 2. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND INSTEAD? We highly recommend Cloudflare for not only for […]

Add HTTP Authentication to wp-login.php

If you’re looking to beef up your WordPress login page security, then this guide will help you add an extra layer of security with HTTP authentication. This article will walk you through how to either add this to a specific website, or all websites on a server. vCanopy wp-login-context.conf On your servers there’s an include […]

WordPress Website Hardening for Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

TABLE OF CONTENTS  The Additional Measures Tab SSH into your Server Enable/Disable XML RPC Enable/Disable Concatenating Load Scripts Block/Unblock Direct PHP Script Execution Block/Unblock WordPress Comments Block/Unblock WordPress OPML Links Functionality Block/Unblock WP-Trackbacks.php Block/Unblock Upgrade.php Block/Unblock Install.php BETA CLI The following WordPress hardening options will allow you to configure individual websites on an as-needed basis […]

An Introduction to Maldet and ClamAV Malware Scanning

IMPORTANT Maldet and ClamAV installation requires that your server has at least 2GB of RAM. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction Activation: Installing Maldet+ClamAV Change the Daily Scan Time Run a Scan Manually Malware Scanning Server Logs Viewing Your Logs Log Exclusions Automatic Quarantine (Use with Caution!) Report Malware to Maldet Introduction  If you have a Panel or […]

How to Create a Content Security Policy (CSP Header)

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction CSPs and vCanopy A CSP is More Than Just a Box to Check Creating Your Content Security Policy Config– vCanopy’s Default Content Security Policy Formatting Creating/Customizing Your Own Content Security Policies Testing a Content Security Policy Add Your Customizations to Your Server Further Reading Introduction A Content Security Policy (CSP) is a […]