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Why does my site take X seconds to load?

We often get asked why a site take X amount of seconds to load. Here’s the steps we would recommend in finding the culprit:  Step 1. Disable all caching so that you can get a real picture of performance. Use GTMetrix to take a scan of the site as it is now, and record those […]

Using Domain Names with International Characters

If you’re trying to add a website to vCanopy and the domain name has international characters (e.g. é and ä), you will first need to convert it into “Punycode” before you can provision them as a website on your server.  Punycode is a representation of Unicode with the limited ASCII character subset used for Internet hostnames. – Wikipedia As an example, […]

How do I access my Staging Databases?

First navigate to the staging page inside your vCanopy account. Unless you’ve gone through this process before, all of the database icons will be displayed in orange instead of green like below. Click on the orange database icon of the staging website you wish to access. This will open up a modal as shown below. […]

Why isn’t my SSH Key working?

If your SSH key isn’t working, it’s usually because it’s not formatted correctly. The most common two things we see are: – The key is broken over several lines instead of being one long line. It’s missing ssh-rsa at the beginning. There should be a space between ssh-rsa and the key itself – example below. Another reason it may […]

Do I Leave Secure Debug On?

To keep the contents secure, vCanopy has a custom Secure Debug log which takes the default WordPress debug log and places it in the domain root one level above the htdocs directory. Should you leave Secure Debug On? No. Secure debug is a handy tool for actively debugging WordPress issues. However, once you’ve completed your […]