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Getting Started with vCanopy OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

TABLE OF CONTENTS  An Introduction to OLS .htaccess Restarting OLS with no downtime Caching PHP Workers Security Hardening An Introduction to OLS This article is a quick introduction to our OpenLiteSpeed stack along with links to relevant articles for more information. ABOUT OPENLITESPEED OpenLiteSpeed is the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise. OLS […]

Allow or Deny IP Addresses on OpenLiteSpeed

Introduction vCanopy OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) offers a server-wide and per-site, IP allow/deny mechanism. This allows you to explicitly allow or deny access to a list of IP addresses and/or subnets to your virtual hosts (which in this context means each of your individual websites). Below we’ll look at how you use these configuration files on your […]

Additional Security Measure Whitelisting on OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

Introduction While OpenLiteSpeed comes with a .htaccess file that supports Apache mod_rewrite rules, we recommend that you add your custom rewrite rules to the auto-generated rewrites.conf file located in: /var/www/site.url/ols/rewrites.conf Your custom rewrite rules take place before any of the vCanopy core rewrite rules are appended, and with this you can create whitelists for the […]

How to add your own custom headers on OpenLiteSpeed (or reset existing headers)

Introduction Adding your own custom headers to your WordPress websites on OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) servers is quick and simple. Each of your websites has the following directory:  /var/www/site.url/ols/ Here you’ll find the headers.conf file, which is where you’ll find your website’s default security headers, and where you can add your own custom headers as well. You don’t need […]

Set Custom Expires by Type on OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

Introduction On your OpenLiteSpeed servers, there are 2 files that you can use to override expires by type at the server level or on a per-site basis: Server level: /usr/local/lsws/conf/expires-by-type.conf Site level: /var/www/site.url/ols/expires-by-type.conf The server-level file is pre-populated with the defaults. The site-level file doesn’t exist by default. DEFAULT TIME The default time is 1 year (31535990). […]

How to Create Server Level Redirects on OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

Introduction Sometimes you might need to do different kinds of redirects that aren’t quite covered by our full domain 301 redirects. In this article, we’ll look at how to add server-level redirects to your OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) servers. ADDING YOUR REWRITES When adding your rewrites, we recommend that you use the rewrites.conf instead of your .htaccess file. You’ll find the rewrites.conf inside […]