Verdant TCS

New WordPress Website Build Configuration Settings

vCanopy simplifies the process of deploying new WordPress sites in a much more secure manner than the traditional WordPress 5 Minute Installation.  vCanopy gives you the ability to set the default configuration settings for new WordPress builds, and this includes things like your preferred caching options, WAF options, whether or not to activate the SendGrid […]

How to Change Your Servers Time Zone and Automatic Security Reboot Time

Introduction If you’d like to change the time zone and/or the time that our automatic security updates take place for your servers, this can be done quickly and easily directly inside your vCanopy account dashboard.  Below we’ll take a look at how to adjust your default time zone and security reboot time that will be […]

Adding Multiple API Keys to Your vCanopy Account (Multi API)

Introduction vCanopy now includes the ability to add multiple API keys for different providers within Developer and Agency accounts. This means that instead of being restricted to one key per provider, you can now, for example, have your own DigitalOcean API key active, and a clients DigitalOcean API key active at the same time, and […]

Set Your Dashboard Notification Timezone

Inside your vCanopy account, you will receive notifications from your servers about various activities that are taking place, as well as our internal announcements. To make sure that these notifications appear to come through at the correct time, you can set your specific timezone within your settings page: Here you will see the timezone box: […]