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How to use Cloudflare SSL with vCanopy sites?

The Cloudflare redirect loop error is something we see at least once every day in support. Fortunately, it is easy to fix and prevent once you know the cause.  This is a Cloudflare specific issue. They state: The Flexible SSL encryption mode in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app Overview tab encrypts traffic between the browser and the Cloudflare network over HTTPS. However, when the Flexible SSL option […]

I Use Cloudflare, and When I Ping My Site, My Server IP Doesn’t Show Up

That means you have CloudFlare’s DNS Proxy (orange cloud) activated. When a record is orange clouded, it means traffic to that hostname is running through CloudFlare. That include Masking your IP Caching SSL certificates on the edge servers (you still need a vCanopy SSL, which must be provisioned BEFORE you set orange cloud proxy) Only A, […]

Using Cloudflare with vCanopy

Most PaaS Cloud VPS providers include DNS management as part of their platform, the same is usually true for your domain registrar. While these solutions may be adequate in most situations, there is a lot to be said for using a specialist DNS provider. As with every aspect of your technology stack, it is generally […]

How to Reduce Eric Jones Spam (and all the other Contact Form Spam)

Introduction I think we can all agree that whoever Eric Jones is, he’s a huge PIA. And a genius, but mostly a PIA. Recently, one of my sites started getting relentlessly hammered with “Hey, my name’s Eric and for just a second, imagine this…“, as well as a bunch of other junk that landed straight […]

How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam Permanently (for FREE)

Introduction vCanopy comes with a handy security measure that can easily be activated for any sites where you don’t use WordPress comments. Chances are, this is the majority of your websites and you can easily block posting comments from being possible, automatically eliminating any potential spam. However, for those sites that do use comments, the […]

Mitigating DoS and DDoS Attacks On Your WordPress Websites

Introduction DoS and DDoS attacks are rare in the grand scheme of things. There are a lot of sites on the platform, and we have a great suite of security tools, so many likely go unnoticed, or at least never come to our attention on support. Occasionally they do though, and this guide details how […]