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Exclude a Page or Cookie from Nginx Server Caching

Introduction  If you’re building projects for your clients, or you’re managing a website that has some complex functionality, you may find that you need a page to be excluded from the cache for it to work correctly. This article will walk you through how to set this up with vCanopy’s Nginx server caching options, and […]

vCanopy Default Cache Exclusions

There are a few things that vCanopy doesn’t cache by default. Below is a rundown of what these are, along with the specific code that excludes them. HTTP POST Requests We exclude POST requests as these contain data that should not be cached. if ($request_method = POST) { set $skip_cache 1; set $skip_reason “${skip_reason}-POST”; } […]

Exclude a Custom WP Ultimo Sign-Up URL from the Cache

If you’re using a custom sign up URL for your WP Ultimo website and it doesn’t end in “.php”, then you may need to exclude that page from your websites cache. If you’re using our server caching options, below is a walk through on how to do this, and below is an example of what […]

Using PHP Headers to Create Custom Cache Exclusions

Introduction To offer more flexibility in the way you handle cache exclusions, you can also add a custom PHP header inside of WordPress to exclude pages as you see fit. TABLE OF CONTENTS Nginx Caching Configurations Add a HTTP Response Header via PHP in WordPress– Using the send_headers Hook– Excluding Specific Pages or Categories from functions.php Nginx […]