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Cloud Directories: The Solution You Need for Your Remote Workforce

By Mike Shollack,
CEO & President

Dramatic increases in remote workers have left employers scrambling for solutions to give employees the application access they need, while keeping company data safe and secure. From contract employees to fully remote workers to off-site business meetings, the need to simplify and secure remote access is growing.

Now is the time to start making the transition from traditional directories to cloud directories, a move that will benefit any future-minded business. To support remote workers – and even take a business to fully remote work! – it’s time to switch to directory-as-a-service.

What is directory-as-a-service? It’s an efficient cloud-based method of maintaining employee credentials and permissions, allowing remote employees access to the apps they need from any location.

Traditional directories can’t keep pace with the flexibility and speed of cloud-based directories, as users access their work from a variety of devices and locations. Long gone are the days of requiring off-site employees to use a company-provided Windows machine with a VPN to securely connect to the company network.

With cloud directories, employees can securely access the applications they need from any operating system. This opens up opportunities to use any device on any network, from iPads to Android phones, from the comfort of the living room couch to the quiet buzz of the local cafe. Remote employees can be productive anytime, anywhere, without compromising data security.

The Modern Workforce Wants Flexibility and Work-From-Home Options

Remote work is an attractive option for the majority of employees. 71% of workers say the ability to work remotely would increase their desire to choose one employer over another. People who work remotely – even as little as once a month! – are 24% more likely to be happy and productive. By supporting remote work, businesses can shorten the time to fill positions and increase their employee retention and productivity.

To sustain these remote workers, you need to provide a safe and secure way for them to access business resources and applications. Migrating to a cloud-based directory to manage user credentials is the critical first step in making a seamless transition to the cloud.

What a Cloud Directory Can Do For You

Cloud directory services offer speed and agility that can’t be matched. Changes and updates happen in real time. When user credentials are stored in the cloud, you never have to worry that a server will go down and prevent users from logging in.

The flexibility of cloud directories means that businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from this technology. Managing users through the cloud prevents any need for on-site servers and maintenance, which makes these systems scalable to seamlessly grow as your business needs grow. With a central management system, IT resources no longer have to maintain separate protocols for on-site and off-site employees.

Speed and flexibility are key for staying on the cutting edge in today’s world. But what about security? How safe is directory-as-a-service?

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Boost Security With Verdant Grove and SecureLink

With remote work, company data may be vulnerable to employee’s lax personal security habits on a home network. Who knows what bad actors are also logged in to the public WIFI at the local shared workspace? It’s important to make sure that regardless of the location or situation, business data is kept safe and sound. Cloud directory services ensure secure access for remote employees without adding complicated extra steps.

The increased simplicity of single sign-on (SSO) means fewer passwords for users to keep track of, and fewer vulnerabilities for malware to exploit. This also maximizes IT resources, reducing the maintenance for employee credentials. Cloud directories efficiently streamline the management of user permissions, a win for both employees and IT.

Cloud directory services can also be set up so that remote employees must complete multifactor authentication requirements. This flexibility promotes ease-of-use, while making sure that everyone in the business cloud space is exactly who they say they are.

Traceability further ensures that any actions can be quickly and accurately tracked to a user ID, where root cause analysis can quickly identify any problems and address them.

Verdant TCS will help you move your directories to the cloud and enjoy the latest in security support for off-site employees. We offer a variety of solutions that empower remote work:

  • SecureLink: Manage non-domain resources using our cloud directory-as-a-service solution’s multifactor authentication and authorization tools
  • Verdant Grove: Our ultimate remote work solution, combining all the benefits of our managed IT services built into a remote laptop bundle. Grove offers the highest level of security and managed services complete with Help Desk support, all while creating a seamless user experience for your team.


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Verdant TCS Can Help Companies With All Cloud Solutions

As remote work increases, cloud directories offer unique flexibility and security solutions for managing user access. Verdant TCS has experience with using these cloud-based systems to connect remote users with the resources they need, regardless of platform or location.

We founded Verdant TCS to help you plan, implement, monitor, and support the latest in cloud technology. Our team of experts can ensure you find an efficient and elegant cloud solution that will reduce costs and help your business keep up in the fast-paced digital world.

To learn how Verdant TCS can help your business find the right solution for maintaining secure user access, please call 616-210-1760 or fill out this short form.


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