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Germanized for WooCommerce & Too many redirects

Third-Party Software Notice Our support team cannot provide support for third-party software and services. However, if you need assistance or spot an issue with this article please post in the vCanopy Community Forum, and we will make necessary updates/improvements where needed. If you’re using the very popular Germanized for WooCommerce on your store, you may encounter a […]

PUT Requests for the WooCommerce API and Other Plugins

UPDATE – PUT AND DELETE REQUESTS PUT and DELETE requests are no longer blocked on Nginx servers by default, however, you may still need to configure the dav_methods outlined in this article for your website if the requires them. Introduction  Modern servers do not allow for PUT or DELETE requests to be available by default. On Nginx, these aren’t […]

Working with WooCommerce on vCanopy

Introduction This article covers multiple topics that are related to working with WooCommerce on vCanopy. Not everything covered is applicable to every Woo site. Please refer to each section as necessary. WooCommerce, regardless of your hosting platform, is often more complex to work with than most other WordPress websites. As we continue to evolve the […]