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Configuring Fail2Ban to Prevent Brute Force Attacks

TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction Part 1. Use GP-CLI to Configure Fail2Ban for Strict Brute Force Protection Step 1. Setup a custom rule and jail for wp-login.php Step 2. Setup a custom rule and jail for xmlrpc.php Part 2. Use the WP Fail2Ban Plugin Integration Enabling/Disabling Fail2Ban integration with WP Fail2Ban Blocking User Enumeration Block Stupid Usernames […]

WordPress Website Hardening for Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed (OLS)

TABLE OF CONTENTS  The Additional Measures Tab SSH into your Server Enable/Disable XML RPC Enable/Disable Concatenating Load Scripts Block/Unblock Direct PHP Script Execution Block/Unblock WordPress Comments Block/Unblock WordPress OPML Links Functionality Block/Unblock WP-Trackbacks.php Block/Unblock Upgrade.php Block/Unblock Install.php BETA CLI The following WordPress hardening options will allow you to configure individual websites on an as-needed basis […]

Secure Your WordPress Websites: An Overview of the Security Tab

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Web Application Firewall Options Fail2Ban Integration Additonal Measures (Nginx and OLS Hardening Options) Access (HTTP Auth and Site Suspension) Further Reading Introduction This article is an introduction to the security tab which is now a part of the website configuration modal. This changes a few things around – moving the Web […]