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Cookie-free domains and GTMetrix Scores

Hitting a 100/100 score on GTMetrix is certainly possible with WordPress, but the most unintuitive part is usually the “cookie-free domains” metric – also sometimes called “cookieless domains”. This is actually quite easily fixed by using a CDN such KeyCDN, BunnyCDN or Stackpath. Unfortunately Cloudflare does not offer the ability to disable cookies on their free […]

How to Prevent Image Hotlinking

Hotlinking is where someone loads an image from another website on their own website, directly off their server and effectively stealing their bandwidth (and probably also breaking a copyright law by not having the appropriate licensing/permission in many cases). If you’d like to put protection in place on your website, below will walk you through […]

Cloudflare Caching and vCanopy

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Cloudflare’s Free Plugin Cloudflare’s Free CDN Caching and vCanopy How to Check if Your Website is Being Served by Cloudflare How to Check the Caching Status of Your Website Purging the Cloudflare Cache Further Reading Introduction Cloudflare’s free tier is extremely popular within the vCanopy community, and for good reason. One […]

WordPress Performance: Common Questions and Answers

Introduction The contents of this article started from a post in our Facebook group with some misunderstandings there are when it comes to “tuning” your server settings for performance. That post resulted in this post in our Community Forum, and this article is essentially the contents of that post made public. TABLE OF CONTENTS Improving Performance at a […]

How to Block Bad Bots from Your Sites/Servers

Introduction Bad bot traffic can be a huge resource hog on your servers, and some are outright malicious. They offer no value to you or your clients, and can sometimes result such high resource usage that it becomes the equivalent of a DoS attack. Fortunately, if you’ve identified a bot (by it’s user agent) that’s […]

Scaling Your WaaS Network: Advice for WP Ultimo, and Multisite vs Multitenancy

Introduction WaaS networks are a popular revenue channel for more WordPress professionals and agencies. They allow for a relatively hands-off, predictable monthly revenue stream where clients handle most of their own website building using premade templates. For now, WP-Ultimo is really the only plugin available for a multisite WaaS. We have an integration with Ultimo that will […]