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Nginx Helper and Custom Post Types

If you have a website with Custom Post Types (CPTs) and you’re using our server caching, you may find that if you have an archive style page where you display these CTPs, that these are not purged from the cache automatically. CPT pages themselves will be automatically purged by Nginx Helper, but by default, it can’t […]

Cloudflare Caching and vCanopy

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Cloudflare’s Free Plugin Cloudflare’s Free CDN Caching and vCanopy How to Check if Your Website is Being Served by Cloudflare How to Check the Caching Status of Your Website Purging the Cloudflare Cache Further Reading Introduction Cloudflare’s free tier is extremely popular within the vCanopy community, and for good reason. One […]

OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) Caching and the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin (LSCache)

Table of Contents Introduction The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Activating OpenLiteSpeed Caching and Redis Object Caching Part 1. Cache Settings Part 2. General Settings Part 3. CDN– Part 4. Image Optimization Part 5. Page Optimization Part 6. Database– Database Table Engine Converter Part 7. Crawler (Preload / Cache Warming / Cache Refresh) Part 8. Toolbox– […]