Pushed my site from staging to live and it still has staging links or vice versa.

END OF 2020 UPDATE We have dramatically improved our cloning/staging push processes, and this update included replacing WP-CLI Search Replace with Interconnectit Search Replace. This is a far more reliable tool, even more so than most plugins. When you push from staging to live or live to staging, we automatically do find and replaces of URLs in the […]

Using staging sites on GridPane

MULTISITE Multisite staging isn’t currently available. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction About Staging Sites Staging and Backups Pushing a Website from Staging > Live or Vice Versa Wrapping Up Troubleshooting Tips Introduction GridPane includes the option to easily create a staging website for your primary website, and/or turn a staging website on or off at any […]

Oxygen Builder and GridPane Staging, Cloning, and Domain Swaps

Third-Party Software Notice Our support team cannot provide support for third-party software and services. However, if you need assistance or spot an issue with this article please post in the GridPane Community Forum, and we will make necessary updates/improvements where needed. Oxygen Builder is a fantastic plugin and it works great on GridPane. However, when making […]

GridPane Database Rewrites and Workflow

Introduction  In this article we’ll take a look at how and when GridPane will run database rewrites on your servers, as well as how to run these operations in the most efficient way possible to improve your workflow and reduce the time it takes to run these search and replaces. TABLE OF CONTENTS GridPane Search […]