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Monit SSL Renewal Failure Notification in the Dashboard or Slack

TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction The SSL Monitoring Logs Reviewing the Logs What Causes SSL Renewal Failures? Introduction Monit checks your SSL renewal logs once per day and if a renewal failure has occurred it will trigger a notification in your dashboard and send a notification to Slack (if you have Slack notifications enabled). Often a […]

Diagnosing and Fixing SSL Certificate Issues

CONTENTS Diagnosing SSL Failures Maintenance at Let’s Encrypt, DNSME, or Cloudflare DNS Isn’t Pointing to Your Servers IP Address (Webroot method only) vCanopy SSL Locks Let’s Encrypt Rate Limiting A Wildcard SSL won’t provision You have an SSL Certificate but no Padlock Icon SSL Renewal Warnings and Failures Too Many Redirects Error SSL Error Only on www Version […]

SSL Renewals for Domains that Redirect to an Internal Page

Intro If you have a website where you’ve set up a redirect that looks like this via an Nginx configuration file: —-> This article is for you. Regular redirect domains that are added via the Site customizer will not experience the same SSL renewal errors.  The Renewal Error If you’ve received an SSL […]

How to Manually Renew Monit and PHPMyAdmin SSL Certificates

On occasion, some Monit and PHPMyAdmin (PHPMA) SSL certificates fail to  automatically renew, which can result in these becoming unavailable due to an SSL certificate error (for example “NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID”). It’s important to note that this is only one of the possible reasons why this may not be able to access Monit/PHPMA, and you may also […]