How to use Cloudflare SSL with GridPane sites?

The Cloudflare redirect loop error is something we see at least once every day in support. Fortunately, it is easy to fix and prevent once you know the cause.  This is a Cloudflare specific issue. They state: The Flexible SSL encryption mode in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app Overview tab encrypts traffic between the browser and the Cloudflare network over HTTPS. However, when the Flexible SSL option […]

Why am I not seeing a padlock on my site?

When you visit your site, if you have SSL toggled on, you should see a padlock next to the URL: If you don’t and see this instead: It means you have mixed content on your site, you have most of the assets loading via SSL, but you’ll have some not loading via SSL. A great […]

Using GridPane AutoSSL

GridPane AutoSSL automatically attempts to provision an SSL for any domain that is added to a GridPane managed site. It will begin first with the site’s primary domain, before moving on to provision SSL for all other attached domains. If the SSL is successfully enabled for the site’s primary domain, then the state of AutoSSL […]

Provisioning an SSL for a domain using Webroot Domain Verification

TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction Step 1. Ensure DNS records resolve to the server Step 2. Go to the Sites Section of the GridPane Control Panel Step 3. Open the Site Customization Panel for your Active site Step 4. Enable Lets Encrypt SSL for Your Domain SSL Support Information Introduction This article will explain how to […]

Adding SSL certificates to GridPane Sites – An Overview

It is very easy to add SSL Certificates from the free Let’s Encrypt Certificate Provider to the domains associated with your GridPane site. This will allow your site and it’s domains to be served by the encrypted HTTPS protocol, and your visitors will also benefit from the speed increased enabled by HTTP2 which only works […]