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Troubleshooting the SendGrid SMTP Integration

Previously, our SendGrid integration worked right out of the box once toggled on for the site you wish to use it on. More often than not now though, you will likely need to verify your domain with SendGrid for them to start sending mail from your website. ABOUT OUR INTEGRATION Our SendGrid integration is fairly […]

Do You Support Transactional Email Providers Other Than SendGrid?

Yes! Just because it’s not integrated into the dashboard like SendGrid, that doesn’t mean it won’t work.  Any transactional email service which connects to your site via a plugin will work on vCanopy powered servers. These are two popular choices for SMTP plugins: FluentSMTP and WP Mail SMTP.

Using SendGrid SMTP for Transactional Emails

IMPORTANT SMTP providers now almost always require domain verification and/or email verification. Without this, they may not send your emails, or you may get flagged as spam. Please ensure you verify your domains and have all the correct DKIM/SPF records in place to ensure deliverability. For troubleshooting SendGrid, please check out this article: Troubleshooting the SendGrid […]

How to Easily Transfer Your Emails From One Provider to Another

Like most specialized hosts, vCanopy doesn’t support email. For those of you migrating to GP from a shared hosting environment, you may need to transfer your emails from your shared account to a dedicated email provider such as GSuite, Outlook or MXRoute. Luckily there’s a great, free tool that makes this quick and easy. Check […]