Verdant TCS

Why do some servers fail to provision correctly?

Unfortunately not every server that’s created get’s successfully provisioned. Almost all API servers do, and so do almost all custom VPS provisions when everything is setup correctly, but even then sometimes things fail. Below outlines why this happens. Failed at 10% If your server only made it to 10%, that means our app couldn’t connect […]

An Introduction to CPU Steal, I/O wait and the top command

CPU steal can be highly problematic. Fortunately it’s not common place on the providers we integrate with, but we do see this from time to time, and you may have seen us mention “noisy neighbours” in the Facebook group or directly on support. In this article we’ll give you a brief overview of what CPU […]

Whitelisting vCanopy at Your Server Providers

Introduction To ensure that our application can connect to your servers, you may need to whitelist our IP addresses. This is especially true for providers that use a firewall or strict API access controls. SERVER STATUS If our application can’t connect to your server, you will see a notice on your account Server page that says “Disconnected” […]

Server Status and the vCanopy Token

The vCanopy Token The vCanopy token is our API token and it allows your servers to talk to vCanopy, and allows us to do all the things we need to do to ensure your stack stays up-to-date. Server Status and Scripts On the servers page in your account, the status of each of your servers […]

How to use the top command to monitor system processes and resource usage

Part 1. Introduction One of the many great things about Linux is that it comes with system monitoring tools like top and htop built right in. In this article, we’ll dive into the top command and how you can use it to monitor your systems processes and resource usage. htop can actually be a better tool for pinpointing some performance issues, but both […]

How to use the htop command to monitor system processes and resource usage

Part 1. Introduction htop is the prettier, more colorful, and slightly more up-to-date version of top. A few metrics such as steal and iowait are easier to see in top, but for most other purposes, htop may be the better tool for troubleshooting server performance issues. Here is our article on top, we’d recommend you start there and then come back […]