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Can I install other Applications on a vCanopy managed server?

TL;DR – You could, but we don’t recommend it and it will affect your servers warranty with vCanopy if you do. vCanopy has been made with one thought in mind, to create the ultimate Cloud/VPS hosting management platform for serious WordPress development. To that end, and almost to the exclusion of everything else, we are […]

MySQL is taking up a LOT of disk space. Why?

If you’re finding that your MySQL is taking up a large amount of disk space on your servers, and you’re not running any particularly large websites, it’s likely that this is due to how InnoDB works. What may be happening is your sites are storing a lot of temporary data inside the database. Each InnoDB table […]

How do I create cronjobs?

One of the most useful tools on your NGINX server is Cron. Backups, updates, SSl renewals, they’re all run using the cron service. And it’s not just for sysadmin jobs, you can customize it to include any job you want and run it on any schedule you want. VIDEO INTRO AND WALKTHROUGH Big thank you […]

How to install Ioncube Loaders

Sometimes you might come across plugins or software that is encrypted with Ioncube, and you might need to install the Ioncube loaders into PHP so that the plugin or software works. Warning: Ioncube is third party software and isn’t supported by vCanopy. Additionally, if it breaks the server, the server won’t be supported. That being […]

Utilizing Block Storage through Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc

Third-Party Software Notice Warning: this guide is unsupported, everything in this article is at your own risk. Please ensure you have full backups. Our support team cannot provide support for third-party software and services. However, if you need assistance or spot an issue with this article please post in the vCanopy Community Forum, and we […]