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vCanopy Logs – How to Find Them and When to Use Them

Introduction  Knowing where your logs are and what they keep track of is an important part of managing your WordPress web hosting business. In this article, we’ll take a look at where you can go to view your server logs, and when you might want to check them. Some, for example the SSL log and […]

Using the PHP Slow Log

Introduction PHP slow logging can be an extremely useful debugging tool for tracking down long-running requests that can lead to performance bottlenecks for your WordPress websites. By identifying the specific requests that are running slow, you can set about either fixing the code itself or replacing the plugin responsible for the bottleneck (it’s almost always […]

Using the MySQL Slow Log

Introduction MySQL slow query logging can be a highly useful tool for uncovering performance bottlenecks in your websites. The MySQL slow query log is where the MySQL database server will log all queries that exceed a time (in seconds) that you specify. This can be particularly helpful on database-intensive websites, such as WooCommerce stores, to […]