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Do I Leave Secure Debug On?

To keep the contents secure, vCanopy has a custom Secure Debug log which takes the default WordPress debug log and places it in the domain root one level above the htdocs directory. Should you leave Secure Debug On? No. Secure debug is a handy tool for actively debugging WordPress issues. However, once you’ve completed your […]

Do you recommend Vultr’s DDOS protection?

Q&A 1. IS VULTR DDOS PROTECTION WORTH THE MONEY? ($10/MONTH)  We personally don’t recommend Vultr’s DDoS protection. From what we’ve seen, even an incredibly small DDOS attack, by modern Internet standards, would completely overwhelm the level of protection this service offers. 2. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND INSTEAD? We highly recommend Cloudflare for not only for […]

Do I Need a Security Plugin When Using vCanopy’s Security Features?

Introduction vCanopy offers a lot of security out of the box, and then a whole suite of WordPress specific security measures that you can configure on a per website basis.  A common question we get is: ”Do I still need a security plugin when using all of these features?”.  There’s no right answer to this question, […]