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Change the PHP version of a vCanopy site

Out of the box, vCanopy’s default PHP version for new WordPress websites is PHP 7.3. However, we are PHP 7.4 ready, and this is available for all of your websites if you would like to make use of it. There’s also the option of setting PHP 7.4 as your default when creating new sites by […]

WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and vCanopy WordPress Websites

Introduction Every now again we’re asked a variation of this question on support: “Why does [insert plugin name] say that the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT is set to 40M? “ The short answer is that the plugin is likely looking at the wp-config.php file and not seeing this explicitly defined, and then returning the default 40M back, instead of […]

PHP Sockfile Variable

Introduction This article will provide some background on Nginx and PHP-FPM configuration, and specifically how sockfiles work on your Nginx servers. We’ll also look at how to create PHP specific configurations ensure any they persist when changing your websites PHP version.  Nginx, PHP-FPM and .sock Files Nginx doesn’t run its own server-side language processors for […]

Using the PHP Slow Log

Introduction PHP slow logging can be an extremely useful debugging tool for tracking down long-running requests that can lead to performance bottlenecks for your WordPress websites. By identifying the specific requests that are running slow, you can set about either fixing the code itself or replacing the plugin responsible for the bottleneck (it’s almost always […]