Change the Site Owner (System User) of a GridPane Site

Using System Users to deploy sites is the recommended way to deploy WordPress on GridPane. This provides isolated sandboxes for WordPress and improves security.  Additionally, System Users is the method by which SFTP access is granted (we don’t use FTP since it’s not encrypted). At some point it may be required for you to change […]

Add New System Users and Manage Existing Users on Your GridPane Servers

Introduction  System users are an important part of your WordPress security systems. Unlike most traditional hosting where all of the websites on your account are owned by one individual system user, GridPane makes it extremely easy to add each of the websites you host to their own, individual system users. TABLE OF CONTENTS Always Use […]

How to Delete System Users

Deleting a system user from your servers is simple, but needs to be done carefully. Step 1. Locate the system user you wish to delete To get started, head to your system users page: Then scroll down to the bottom and find the user that you wish to delete. If you have many system users, […]

How to change a System User Password

From time to time you may need to update the password for your system users. To get started, login to your account and click through to your system users page: Next, scroll down to the bottom and find the user that you wish to edit. If you have many system users, you can use the […]

How to Add Additional System Users to a Website

If you need to give multiple people access to one of your GridPane hosted websites, and these require separate login details, this isn’t currently possible via your GridPane dashboard. However, you do have a couple of options that you can implement manually over the command line. This article details two avenues available to you. If […]