Verdant TCS

Why do some servers fail to provision correctly?

Unfortunately not every server that’s created get’s successfully provisioned. Almost all API servers do, and so do almost all custom VPS provisions when everything is setup correctly, but even then sometimes things fail. Below outlines why this happens. Failed at 10% If your server only made it to 10%, that means our app couldn’t connect […]

Scaling up (resizing) your API provisioned servers

This article will walk you through how to increase the size of your servers at the providers we integrate with. Click on your provider below to skip to their section:  Amazon Lightsail DigitalOcean Vultr Linode UpCloud Amazon Lightsail  We’ll start with Lightsail first, because you can’t actually scale existing servers up. AWS will overwrite our […]

Whitelisting vCanopy at Your Server Providers

Introduction To ensure that our application can connect to your servers, you may need to whitelist our IP addresses. This is especially true for providers that use a firewall or strict API access controls. SERVER STATUS If our application can’t connect to your server, you will see a notice on your account Server page that says “Disconnected” […]