Verdant TCS

Setting DNS Records

Introduction DNS stands for Domain Name System. In a nutshell, it’s used to point a website domain towards the IP address of the server where it’s hosted. There are many different types of DNS records, but to use your website/s with vCanopy, you will need to be familiar with two: The A Record and CNAME Record. The […]

DNS Management and CNAMEs

If you’re hosting a website and don’t have access to manage the DNS, or if you manage hundreds of websites or a large multisite and need a way to handle DNS without manually changing records anytime to move to a new server with a new IP, you can use CNAMES to help solve this problem. […]

Snapshot Failover™ and DNS Strategy

IMPORTANT While you technically can sync more than one source server to one failover server, we strongly recommend against this. If you do go this route, please ensure that source servers do NOT contain any of the same domains as this will cause sync issues that could affect the entire failover server. Intro Snapshot Failover™ […]

Speeding Up DNS Propagation: Manually Clearing Out Cached Records

Introduction Nowadays, DNS is pretty quick to “go live” worldwide, usually taking minutes instead of the older “24-48” hours standard. Even GoDaddy, in my (thankfully) limited experience working with them over the last few years, propagates new records within 5-10 minutes – usually the former. That said, we do see tickets in support where things […]

Floating IP Addresses and vCanopy

Introduction A floating IP address is an additional IP address that you can attach to one of your servers in a particular datacenter, and that you can also instantly switch between other servers at that same datacenter. In general, they aren’t necessary for the vast majority of websites, but they do have a few potential […]

vCanopy and IPv6

Introduction vCanopy requires that your servers and website’s have an IPv4 address, but for those of you who want to add an IPv6 address for your websites as well, this article is for you. Table of Contents What is IPv6? Setting DNS AAAA Records for IPv6 IPv6 and vCanopy Further Reading What is IPv6? IPv6 […]