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Moving a Website that’s had a malware infection

If you have a website that’s been infected with Malware, the first thing to do is make sure there are no other websites that are on the same system user – if there are, move them to their own system user immediately.  Second, we recommend you completely disable your site and access it via a […]

An Introduction to Maldet and ClamAV Malware Scanning

IMPORTANT Maldet and ClamAV installation requires that your server has at least 2GB of RAM. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction Activation: Installing Maldet+ClamAV Change the Daily Scan Time Run a Scan Manually Malware Scanning Server Logs Viewing Your Logs Log Exclusions Automatic Quarantine (Use with Caution!) Report Malware to Maldet Introduction  If you have a Panel or […]

Server Provider Attack Warnings: How to Find Brute Force Malware

WRITTEN BY THOMAS RAEF This article was contributed by Thomas Raef, the founder of Thomas runs a website protection, monitoring and malware removal service and is one of a very, very short list of people who we recommend for this service. So you got a notification from your server provider that your server is attacking […]