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Diagnosing and Fixing: Error Establishing a Database Connection

This is one of the more common, and more scary WordPress errors, but it can usually be solved pretty quickly. Below is our guide to diagnosing and fixing the database connection errors on your WordPress sites. For those very rare cases where it can’t be solved, such as Malware/hacks that can’t be undone, you’ll need […]

Pushed my site from staging to live and it still has staging links or vice versa.

END OF 2020 UPDATE We have dramatically improved our cloning/staging push processes, and this update included replacing WP-CLI Search Replace with Interconnectit Search Replace. This is a far more reliable tool, even more so than most plugins. When you push from staging to live or live to staging, we automatically do find and replaces of URLs in the […]

Why is my WaaS network slow? Table locking and MySQL RAM allocation

WaaS networks are database intensive websites, and this is something many WaaS networks go through as they begin to grow in size and traffic. Sometimes this is because the server simply isn’t big enough for the network anymore, and sometimes it can be solved by increasing the MySQL’s RAM allocation. This article will walk you […]

How to Fix the PHPMyAdmin “Bad Userdata” Error

Opening PHPMyAdmin (PHPMA) for both your live websites and staging sites is usually very quick and easy – you simply click on the little database icon next to your site, and PHPMA will open up in a new window and instantly log you in. If you’re experiencing a “Bad Userdata” error when you open up […]