Verdant TCS

Service Management: Redis

Stop/Start Redis These commands stop and start Redis. Run them separately. gp redis -stop gp redis -start Restart Redis The restart command issues a STOP and then START from one command. gp redis -restart Reload Redis Reload reloads the configuration without completely stopping the service. gp redis -reload

Service Management: MySQL

Stop/Start MySQL These commands stop and start MySQL. Run them separately. gp mysql -stop gp mysql -start Restart/Reload MySQL The restart and reload commands both issue a STOP and then START from one command. They are effectively interchangeable. gp mysql -restart gp mysql -reload Get MySQL Password Outputs the MySQL password for a specified system […]

How to optimize databases to reduce bloat

Here at vCanopy, we’ve opted to use InnoDB as the default storage engine for SQL. It’s typically more performant than other storage engines like MyISAM. However, it does have one flaw: As you add data, the InnoDB table file is allocated more space and the file physically grows in size on the server. The InnoDB table […]

Adjusting MySQL Monit Memory

vCanopy uses Monit to manage services and restart them if they start misbehaving. We set MySQL to restart if it starts using too much CPU or Memory. Sometimes you might wish to adjust these settings yourself if you think Monit is restarting MySQL too often. This is most likely to be the case if you […]

Diagnosing and Fixing: Error Establishing a Database Connection

This is one of the more common, and more scary WordPress errors, but it can usually be solved pretty quickly. Below is our guide to diagnosing and fixing the database connection errors on your WordPress sites. For those very rare cases where it can’t be solved, such as Malware/hacks that can’t be undone, you’ll need […]

How to backup / export / import a WordPress database

Introduction There are multiple, quick and easy ways to backup your websites database. In this article, we’ll look at 2 different options: phpMyAdmin and WP-CLI  TABLE OF CONTENTS Exporting via phpMyAdmin Importing via phpMyAdmin Exporting via WP-CLI Importing via WP-CLI There are also popular plugins you could use such as All in One WP Migration, UpdraftPlus, WP Database […]