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Cloudflare Firewall Rules for Securing WordPress Websites

IMPORTANT Always be sure to check that your site is functioning correctly after implementing any kind of additional security, including the Cloudflare rules detailed in this article. Introduction Cloudflare offers an excellent (and easy) way to lock down and secure various endpoints on your WordPress websites, as well as offering a simple one-click DDOS protection […]

WP Security 2022: Securing Multiple Banking Websites Built on WordPress

A case study on how I secured two WordPress websites for a multinational bank, from start to finish. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction Part 1. Organizational Level Security Policies & Cyber Hygiene Part 2. Fundamental Website Security Part 3. Server Hardening and WordPress Hardening Part 4. Brute Force Protection Part 5. DoS / DDoS Protection Part […]

PHP Workers and WordPress: A Guide for Better Performance

PHP Workers are an important piece in the high-performance hosting puzzle. This guide will walk you through the fundamentals and offer some real-world guidelines for all the common use cases.  TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Part 1. PHP Worker Fundamentals Part 2. Server Resources and PHP Worker Limitations Part 3. WordPress Performance and PHP Workers Part […]