Verdant TCS

Delete an Active vCanopy Server

Deleting an Active Server from your vCanopy dashboard is easy.  If the server was created using a Cloud Provider API, deleting it from your vCanopy dashboard will also destroy it. If the server was created using the Custom VPS provider script, deleting it from vCanopy will only remove it from your dashboard. You will need […]

Rename an Active vCanopy Server and/or Change a Server IP Address

Sometimes you may wish to change the name of a server that we have already provisioned, or change the server IP address. You can do this easily from the Active Server list in the vCanopy home page for providers that support this functionality: DigitalOcean Vultr Linode  Step 1. Go to the vCanopy Servers page The list of […]

Cloning One Entire Server to Another

UPDATE: MULTISITE CLONING AND IMPROVEMENTS Same-domain multisite cloning is now fully operational. We’ve also made improvements to our cloning scripts, and replaced WP-CLI Search Replace with Interconnectit Search Replace, and MySQLDump and import with MyDumper/MyLoader. Multisite staging/cloning to a new domain is coming soon! *Developer plan and above only IMPORTANT: DEACTIVATE WP_DEBUG FIRST If you’ve […]

Server Status and the vCanopy Token

The vCanopy Token The vCanopy token is our API token and it allows your servers to talk to vCanopy, and allows us to do all the things we need to do to ensure your stack stays up-to-date. Server Status and Scripts On the servers page in your account, the status of each of your servers […]