Verdant TCS

How to set up Slack Notifications

We highly recommend that you enable these notifications for your account, and this article will get you up and running with our Slack notifications.  Enabling Slack will, by default, send you alerts created by our Monit monitoring and resolution system (you can check out Monit by clicking the green pie chart icon next to your […]

Create a new vCanopy account

To sign up for a vCanopy account, head on over to: to get started. Here you can choose your plan – both Pro and Developer are available for immediate sign-up. On the checkout page you’ll need to enter your billing details, but you will receive a 2-week free trial and you will not be charged […]

Onboarding Videos

Built in to the vCanopy UI is five onboarding videos, you can get to them by clicking your name in the top right corner, clicking “Your Settings” and then going to “Onboarding” in the left side bar, towards the bottom. If for some reason, you can’t view these videos, or would like to download them, […]

vCanopy Logs – How to Find Them and When to Use Them

Introduction  Knowing where your logs are and what they keep track of is an important part of managing your WordPress web hosting business. In this article, we’ll take a look at where you can go to view your server logs, and when you might want to check them. Some, for example the SSL log and […]