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Running vCanopy on a Local Virtual Machine (VM) Demo

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Special thanks to Hubert Nguyen for putting this demo together. This walkthrough was originally a part of our live HostingMBA event.

The above video offers a  walkthrough for setting up vCanopy with VirtualBox. The same steps should work with any virtual machine (VM), but please note that this kind of setup is beyond the scope of our support (however, posting within the Facebook group may be worth a try if you have any trouble setting things up).

You can also check out this article on why some servers fail to provision correctly:

Why do some servers fail to provision correctly?


vCanopy requires a BRAND NEW KVM virtualised VPS or bare metal server with only a standard Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or 20.04 LTS image installed (NOT a Minimal version). Once initial provisioning is complete at the provider, log in to your server via console or SSH and run the following command as ROOT.

Please do not use servers with less than 1GB of RAM as these cannot be supported and don't offer adequate resources for both the server stack and your websites.

vCanopy does not support ARM servers.

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