Verdant TCS

Verdant SupportLink

A User-Friendly, Full-Service Cloud Portal That Meets Your Business Needs

Manage your business more securely and efficiently with SupportLink, a unique cloud-based solution that allows you to customize workflows to fit your unique requirements.

Improve your incident resolution times with optimal ticket organization and sub-tasks, along with the ability to view hardware, software, and capacity information.

You also can access flexible design, routing, communication, and change requests that work with your existing forms and policies.

Enjoy A Wide Range of Comprehensive Features

With SupportLink, you can measure and track service through full reporting with tools like Excel Power BI, including comprehensive incident tracking and satisfaction survey offerings.


You will be able to access a number of advanced tools via SupportLink, including:


  • Email Conversion: New emails sent to the help desk can be converted to tickets. Subsequent emails will be linked to the ticket. 
  • Integrate with Asset Management: Easily track assets by linking with a ticketing system. 
  • Knowledge Base: Build your own set of articles for user self-service or staff reference.  
  • Employee or Customer Support: Utilize as an internal help desk, external customer support, or both. 
  • Mobile Device Support: Access tickets, make changes, respond to users, and close tickets from smartphones or tablets.  
  • Automatic Ticket Routing: Send tickets to the right people to speed up resolution.  
  • Easy Administration: Use SharePoint utilities and a custom administrative interface to make configuring and maintaining the system easier.  
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Customize visual displays of ticket status, assignment, quantity, priority, overdues, and more.  
  • Extensive Alerting/Notifications: Easily configure information to keep your team involved and up to date. 
  • Outlook Add-in: Send emails to the help desk, link emails with tickets, or create new tickets. 
  • Sub-tasks and Parent/Child: Tickets and tasks can be set up in a parent/child relation to link associated activities together.  
  • Work Log and Time Tracking: Keep everyone informed on ticket activity and provide statistics for reporting. 

The Right Technology for Your Business

Verdant TCS partners with a variety of top technology companies to provide you with leading IT and cloud solutions.